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A message for you:

I am Brian Evans and while I am President of Beam Enterprises, don’t be surprised if you find me up on a lift, swinging a hammer or loading out debris at one of your assigned jobsites or just in your work area just watching how you and the crew are performing tasks. 

I put your safety and that of every employee working for Beam at the top of any list.  I will not expect any member of a work crew to perform a job task in a manner that I would not do.  So how do we accomplish your safety safe at our work sites? How do we do that together? 

We have prepared the following company safety orientation as a first step in giving you, the new Beam employee, a sense of our approach to working safely.  We DO NOT measure safety simply by how many days go by without an incident. We DO measure it though on how you are working safely.  You are an integral part, the most important part of the safety process.  We have designed this orientation with you in mind to help you think differently in your approach to working safely on any project site, and not just ours.  We hope to trigger your interest in participating in the safety process at Beam by charging every single employee with a single goal:  to be working safely 100% of the time.


Thanks for joining our team

Brian Evans - Founder and President

New Employee Video/ -

Welcome to BEAM Enterprises Inc! We use GoContractor for site orientation training and document verification. The GoContractor system will allow you to complete your onboarding tasks completely online.

Please follow the instructions below to get started:

  1. Download the App

  2. Register with your email or phone number. You must verify your email

  3. Enter the Invitation Code: BEAM22

  4. Accept the invite and complete your training or upload any required documents

Or they can click on this link to register:

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