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Ready to provide our expertise at your command

Environmental Remediation

Tapping project experience at high profile work locations like World a Trade Center, Rockefeller Center, the United Nations, among others, Beam puts feet on the ground or in your building to successfully complete any type of environmental remediation project.  Our ahead of schedule performance has been a pinnacle standard we have provided to our clients.


The Beam team is able to provide comprehensive and efficient demolition services.  Beam performs site cleaning, facility contents removal, full gut interior demolition and building/structural take-down.

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Fireproofing provides materials and structures resistance to fire so that during an accidental case of fire the critical structures keep operating until the fire is brought under control

General Contracting & Labor Services

While Beam is a contractor/ subcontractor, we also provide labor services to assist general contractors with everyday site issues. This includes general cleanup of debris, site fencing repairs, general removals, painting, masonry, and carpentry among other work as may be needed which also can help meet contract MBE participation goals

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