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Injury-Free Career

The Safety Daily Dozen™


  1. I will work every day without taking risks. No shortcuts and no excuses.

  2. I am safe on purpose.

  3. Doing things safely is a habit for me.

  4. I am constantly aware of my surroundings.

  5. I will take every single safety precaution I have available

  6. I will personally take care of any hazards I see.

  7. I will notify someone of any hazards I cannot fix myself.

  8. I will seek assistance when needed.

  9. I will follow the standard operating procedures and safety plans at all times.

  10. I will encourage my co-workers in a positive way to work safely.

  11. I will not put anyone in harm’s way.

  12. I am accountable for my actions.


Working in an Injury-Free Career

One tool in Beam's arsenal utilized to stablish an injury free workplace is each employee must have a constant focus on what they are doing while they are doing it. They need to be aware of the risks at hand and anticipate what risks could be possible during the day as each job progresses. Prompts are necessary to help integrate employees' attitudes with their actions.  Therefore, we have developed one aid that will help to accomplish this and it is called  called The Safety Daily Dozen .

In correctly applying this safety aid, initially, supervisors would hand out a Safety Daily Dozen card to everyone to keep with them during the entire project.  As part of the first daily safety meeting with all employees before the work shift begins, the shift supervisor would read off all the safety principles listed on the card choosing one for everyone to focus on during that day. In turn, the supervisor would randomly ask individuals during the shift to recite the chosen topic. There is no punishment involved if the employee doesn’t recall it, but the supervisor should read it and have the employee repeat it back to them. On each day following, during the safety regular daily safety meeting, the supervisor should ask for feedback from the group on how the previous item was realized during the shift. This procedure would be repeated for each of the twelve principles. If this process is consistently maintained every day these principles will eventually be ingrained into the employees’ sub-conscious and safe habits will result.  

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